How can Seera help you?

Seera’s intuitive competency profiling and performance management simplifies the implementation of competency frameworks. Seera delivers unprecedented time and cost savings with accelerated recruitment, competency quantified people and gap analysis. Seera can manage any number of frameworks simultaneously including SFIA.

Find out how Seera can improve your productivity by exploring just some of its amazing features

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Automate regulatory and Compliance Management

Perfect for the building and construction industry. Seera’s risk mitigation and compliance solution effectively manages complex multi-disciplinary workforces. Seera assists companies to lower risk and improve results through better resource management. Seera minimises the risks of costly penalties and reputational damage by managing the licences, registrations and qualifications every employee and contractor needs to lawfully and effectively perform their role.

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Are you really getting the most from your employees?

Rapidly review teams with Skills Gap Analysis. Perform instant skills gap analysis across your entire organisation, departments, teams and projects.

Instant results without spreadsheets! Use insights to inform learning and development plans and succession plans to better engage your employees.

Engaged Employees leads to:

  • Higher service levels and productivity, this in turn leads to…
  • Improved customer satisfaction…
  • Increased sales, retention and referrals, and ultimately…
  • Higher profit and shareholder return.

Our Solutions

At Seera we have a solution for all of your talent management needs. No matter what you need solved, we have a solution for your business; big or small.