What are competencies?

Competencies describe the behaviour that lies behind competent performance, such as knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, or personal characteristics; competencies are what individuals are expected to deliver.

What’s the difference between a skill and a competency?

There is a distinct difference between skills and competencies. A skill is only part of the picture. A skill is a specific learned activity; something that you know. Competencies on the other hand are a combination of skills, knowledge and behaviour such as problem solving, communication, and professionalism. Competencies are the effective application of skills.

Why use a Competency Framework?

Competencies give employees and candidates a clear picture of performance expectations and what they need to succeed in the job. They are the most efficient way to evaluate candidate suitability, increasing the chance you’ll recruit right the first time. Adopting or building your own competency framework facilitates organisation wide benchmarks for recruitment, performance and professional development; objectively and with clarity.