Faster more cost effective recruitment

Seera’s Talent Acquisition module goes beyond human resource information systems as you know it. It reduces the time it takes to manage the recruitment process through automatically verified candidate competency self-assessment.

Recruit right the first time with competency assessments; save time; save money.

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A world first innovation in cloud based competency management

Seera reinvents the implementation and management of competency frameworks. Skills and competencies provide powerful insights into your people and with Seera’s powerful tool facilitate organisation wide benchmarking for recruitment, performance and professional development; objectively and with clarity.

Career plan, success plan and workforce plan with Seera’s competency framework management.

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Leadership competencies, knowledge, skills, aptitude- gain a 360 view with Seera

Perform individual, department or companywide assessments quickly and easily using our profiling tools. Seera’s unified talent management solution can integrate the behavioural or psychometric assessment of your choice. Conduct surveys, 360 reviews and psychometric testing any time at any stage of the employee life cycle directly through Seera.

The art of people profiling made easy.

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A single source of truth

Minimise risk and manage licences, registration and qualifications with Seera’s comprehensive centralised HR record and compliance management tool. Seera allows you to safely store required licences, registration and qualifications together with the expiry date. Automated compliance checking and alerts ensures minimal organisational exposure.

Better protect your people and organisation with Seera.

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Multi-tasking made easy

Managing the resourcing of multiple projects simultaneously is made easy with Seera. Use our powerful competency profiles and performance appraisals to assess suitability for your defined project positions and manage compliance reporting. Seera Project Resourcing will provide you with the visibility to assess project resources versus budget, the percentage of positions filled, resource utilisation and compliance-licence and qualification management.

Take the guess work out of project resourcing.

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Powerful, simple performance management

Align your workforce with your organisational goals and translate workforce activity into organisational results. Seera simplifies performance management with competency frameworks as its foundation. Schedule ad-hoc or reoccurring reviews, one-to one or 360 reviews with our simple, intuitive, automated appraisals.

Better performance is just a click away.

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Activate a high performing workforce

Engage your employees with Seera’s Career Manager. Your staff access their own portal for everything from performance appraisals to career planning. And they’re able to manage their own details including their relevant licences and qualifications assisting with the ongoing management of compliance.

Empower your people with Seera Career Manager.

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Build Capability

Accelerate employee performance and engage your workforce with the assistance of Seera. Seera’s facilitates the mapping of competency frameworks to suggested organisational course work. And with the use our powerful analytics, effortlessly identify gaps in performance and learning and development opportunities.

Better insights into learning opportunities with Seera.

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Recruit and retain for continuity

Understand your talent pool with Seera’s Succession Planning. Seera allows you to more effectively plan for succession using our powerful competency matching. Gain insights into shared competencies and identify dependency on a few or single resources. Provide your people with their specific competency gaps they need to bridge and empower them to achieve their career goals.

Plan to succeed with Seera.

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You don’t know what you don’t know

Seera puts you in the know offering powerful insights to better optimise the performance of your workforce. Easy-to-use dashboards and reporting offer actionable insights at individual, department and organisational level. Our fully customisable dashboard can be tailored to deliver the right insights to each user.

With Seera real-time-data powers your talent decisions.

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